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Дубаи Абу-Даби доступно о разнице в правах между ємиратами:
if you were carrying goods from Dubai to Abudhabi with a dubai vehicle registration of a dubai trade licence registered company, it is a violation. Only abudhabi registered vehicle can transport goods from abudhabi to other Emirates. the fine was Dhs 7500.
напомню, что
About 96% of the country's roughly 100 billion barrels of proven oil reserves are located in Abu Dhabi
Regulations will be applied across public buildings, streets, parks, beaches, commercial organisations, open and undeveloped spaces, agricultural and industrial areas, and more.

They include shielded lighting, external and facade lights, as well as motion-activated security lighting, and a coordinated shutdown of non-security lighting at midnight.

Пидорги ебанутьіе. Ща во многих местах только благодаря єтим лампам вечером и ночью вообще дорогу видно.
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дыбр Абу-Даби зібрався пійти поїсти, але погода така собі — замість того поставив собі талабат. таке гівно, що після двох хвилин користування свербить знести нах, але потрібно дочекатися замовлення.
Абу-Даби новый способ потратить деньги:
plant mangrove trees ...in Abu Dhabi, and trees will be there for many hundreds of years as a legacy. If you check EcoMatcher App and arrange planting though them, [you] will be able to track [your] trees after and visit (in the App), speak to them, check on their health etc.
P.S. I do not work for this company, but it's 100% legit. I attended their presentation with founder and CEO, in Jubail Mangroves last year.
говно Абу-Даби заявленное время пополнения автобусной карты — 2 часа. по факту уже 10 часов, а результата нет.
online recharge doesn't work, at times it take 2 weeks to show on card