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Reading Suetonius you gotta remember that Da vita Caesarum is nothing else than a collection of rumours. There is a large historical merit to this book but Suetonius largely exaggerated most of the things. And not because he wanted to... That's just like people work man. They remember things wrong, they depict tyrants as more cruel as they were, and good rulers as angels. And this book was compiled based on the gossip.
That being said, Caligula was a fucking mad man so it could be as well true.

та страна Президент Южной Кореи помиловал главу Samsung и председателя Lotte Group, которым дали срок за взятки.

Вице-президента Samsung досрочно выпустили из тюрьмы год назад, но помилование было необходимо, чтобы он снова мог управлять компанией