• sometimes i get jealous that a girl got a 500 dollar purse from a rando, but then i just feel happy for her and strive to get to that level one day. -----------------
    I used to post time-stamped cleavage on 4chan along with my Kik username. You wouldn't be able to tell from the replies to the thread but I would always get a TON of messages, like over 100 at a time sometimes and basically you just have to find whoever seems the most lonely, rich, and desperate and string them along on false hope. I had one 18-year-old British kid who sent me $1000+ because I kept telling him I would buy plane tickets to visit with it kek
    I wanna start doing it again but more efficiently and with less risk, so if any other girls have tips for us lazy sluts plz share
    This is the way to go. Online works the best because it's easier to find lonely guys while still maintaining a safe distance.
    I play CSGO to find guys, though any game with a male majority audience will work. As soon as you start speaking, they're on you like flies on shit. I had one European guy that would send me money, special packages, and bought me a computer just for talking to him. Just be sure to use a PO box if you're doing shit like that, though trying to get money via Paypal is better.
    You just have to make sure you cut them off better they start becoming too attached, because they can get really annoying and clingy after awhile.
    Female attention and emotional labor is a commodity and can be marketed, in the same way that prostitutes sell their sexual labor. The most successful sugar babies know this inherently. Men like to be coddled by women and will pay for the privilege, even better if it's someone pretty and apparently sexually available. /theory
    I really admire the ability to scam and hustle men like this tbh, I wish I could but I find the smile-nod-laugh, keeping my mouth shut, ego stroking charade absolutely exhausting.

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