• So, some bernds claim that
    - Women prefer to get bf from top best males
    Yes, male and female sexual desires are different.
    Men want many different women (see porn use).
    Women usually only want the one single best man they can get (think mommy porn=romance novels, 50 Shades of Grey etc.)

    - Women love sex no less than men No.
    Sex drive is correlated to testosterone. Men have more = higher sex drive.
    However, sex drive in women fluctuates with their cycle — when fertile or just before, they can develop strong desires to have sex — just not with everybody, they are always more picky about mate quality then men, even when they are very horny (men are not; the hornier they get, the more they are willing to have sex with more unattractive women).

    - Women usually can get as much sex as they want The sex women want is only with the top rank of male quality, therefore they are like men in not getting what they want — average men will just not satisfy them, they look/feel very unattractive to them, especially if they know many examples for superior men (from the media, mostly, which warps female instinctual determination what the "average" in available males truly is).

    - Most women have sexual relations with a lot of partners Women need to things from men only: Good genes and good resources/protection.
    Good genes can theoretically be had in like two minutes of sex.
    But making men depart with their money/time/risk of harm to protect the female is quite another matter, especially with great female competition in terms of available females, porn, and prostitutes. Women also can switch to a better provider/protector easily, "upgrade" easily, and this is what they do, not surprisingly. All it takes that they find a better (=richer man or one who has the same resources, but is willing to give more of his resources to the female).
    Typically for females is that they "monkey branch" — hold on on one men while already preparing or keep as reserve an other man/other men in case the current partner (=resource and protection source) fails, for example by getting killed (in our ancestors far ago) or by getting, for example, unemployed (today more relevant).
    Know: The best predictor for divorces induced by women is that their partners became unemployed or otherwise financially weakened.

    Yes, that will make some math problems. Or maybe some premises are wrong?
    With all that said, some bernds wish
    - To fuck a lot of different women
    - Marry clean and pure virgin gf
    - While not being in top 1% or top 20% of males
    Tough luck.

    This is actually a sexual war, a battle for resources and mates.
    It is not and never was meant to satisfy everybody, instead it's purpose is exactly to exterminate the low-quality, weak humans by natural and sexual evolutionary selection.

    Love is not what you learned from Disney movies.
    Love is a selection mechanism to exterminate inferior life, as this is less or not loved.

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