• Wow Yulia you surely have got plenty of time in your hands to write reviews about HR of other companies. Let me begin by asking you what is your real qualification to judge the competency of an HR person. Perhaps if you spend so much time in reading about the topics that you claim on your CV then you would have gone one step forward in the interview process i would say.

    Although Ukraine has a lot of well skilled IT Graduates there are occasional smart arses like you who firstly do not know the industry or the process an IT recruiter or HR follows to identify the inadequately skilled candidates like yourself who have nothing better to do then brag about conversations to an HR and pretend they you know it all.

    Frankly speaking this reflects on you as a person and prospective employee of any company. It shows how professional you are in your world of “Little Knowledge”.

    Lets talk about the “MR John Pohn” who uses a fake name to pretend he worked for a company and has hating comments against someone’s nationality. Sure i heard there are two problems in Ukraine “Bad Roads and Idiots” Now i understand what category you fall into.

    You all should know that a prospective employer would perhaps read your comments in DOU and think that they are better to black list candidates like you and that will be if they have a good HR/IT Recruiter who does the due diligence before going through the interview process with poorly skilled dreamers like you lot.

    I would advise to spend time doing something productive rather than ranting on DOU about HR and organisations who do not encourage your ignorance.
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