• I find it funny how Goyim stereotypes of Jews match perfectly the Ultraorthodox here.
    For example they can afford housing for every one of their 7 children (on average) in one of the most inflated housing markets in the world because they drive away the residents by harnessing their power as a group, they use intimidation and organizing a take over of a neighborhood so the prices drop quickly (no one wants to lose his biggest life investment's worth), and since no one can or wants live along with them the prices in their market is lower than for the general population.
    Perhaps their biggest way to make a profit is by circumventing the state altogether, they appear to be poor since they have no declared income, and are receive massive welfare benefits from the state, while they are running a complete underground black market where they don't pay a penny in taxes. Of course they couldn't have managed to do that if they had bank accounts, so they use their own pirate banks which often has zero interest. Now imagine the HUGE profit when the state can't see your incomes and expenses, you could get away with 100% tax evasion, from kindergarten to mortgage.

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