Лауреат Нобелевской премии 2010 года по физике Андрей Гейм отказался работать в фонде "Сколково", сообщает "Русская служба новостей". По словам физика, он "не знает и знать не хочет" о том, что его собираются пригласить сотрудничать с российским фондом.

"Там у вас люди что – с ума посходили совсем? Считают, что если они кому-нибудь отсыпят мешок золота, то можно всех пригласить?" — заявил ученый в интервью радиостанции. По словам Гейма, у него нет российского гражданства и он чувствует себя комфортно в Великобритании. Нобелевский лауреат также скептически отнесся к инициативе российских властей по созданию в стране аналога Кремниевой долины.
пройти самому і зрозуміти більшість з буде достатньо. проект — сайтєц з вебсокетами на + .
Если вы зарабатываете удаленкой, у вас появляется уникальная возможность переехать на ПМЖ в страну покомфортнее. Однако, тогда ваши дети никогда не смогут прочитать «Материалы XXII съезда КПСС» на родном языке. Как быть, если вы не готовы к таким жертвам?
sometimes i get jealous that a girl got a 500 dollar purse from a rando, but then i just feel happy for her and strive to get to that level one day.
I used to post time-stamped cleavage on 4chan along with my Kik username. You wouldn't be able to tell from the replies to the thread but I would always get a TON of messages, like over 100 at a time sometimes and basically you just have to find whoever seems the most lonely, rich, and desperate and string them along on false hope. I had one 18-year-old British kid who sent me $1000+ because I kept telling him I would buy plane tickets to visit with it kek
I wanna start doing it again but more efficiently and with less risk, so if any other girls have tips for us lazy sluts plz share
This is the way to go. Online works the best because it's easier to find lonely guys while still maintaining a safe distance.
I play CSGO to find guys, though any game with a male majority audience will work. As soon as you start speaking, they're on you like flies on shit. I had one European guy that would send me money, special packages, and bought me a computer just for talking to him. Just be sure to use a PO box if you're doing shit like that, though trying to get money via Paypal is better.
You just have to make sure you cut them off better they start becoming too attached, because they can get really annoying and clingy after awhile.
Female attention and emotional labor is a commodity and can be marketed, in the same way that prostitutes sell their sexual labor. The most successful sugar babies know this inherently. Men like to be coddled by women and will pay for the privilege, even better if it's someone pretty and apparently sexually available. /theory
I really admire the ability to scam and hustle men like this tbh, I wish I could but I find the smile-nod-laugh, keeping my mouth shut, ego stroking charade absolutely exhausting.
So, some bernds claim that
- Women prefer to get bf from top best males
Yes, male and female sexual desires are different.
Men want many different women (see porn use).
Women usually only want the one single best man they can get (think mommy porn=romance novels, 50 Shades of Grey etc.)

- Women love sex no less than men
Sex drive is correlated to testosterone. Men have more = higher sex drive.
However, sex drive in women fluctuates with their cycle — when fertile or just before, they can develop strong desires to have sex — just not with everybody, they are always more picky about mate quality then men, even when they are very horny (men are not; the hornier they get, the more they are willing to have sex with more unattractive women).

- Women usually can get as much sex as they want
The sex women want is only with the top rank of male quality, therefore they are like men in not getting what they want — average men will just not satisfy them, they look/feel very unattractive to them, especially if they know many examples for superior men (from the media, mostly, which warps female instinctual determination what the "average" in available males truly is).

- Most women have sexual relations with a lot of partners
Women need to things from men only: Good genes and good resources/protection.
Good genes can theoretically be had in like two minutes of sex.
But making men depart with their money/time/risk of harm to protect the female is quite another matter, especially with great female competition in terms of available females, porn, and prostitutes. Women also can switch to a better provider/protector easily, "upgrade" easily, and this is what they do, not surprisingly. All it takes that they find a better (=richer man or one who has the same resources, but is willing to give more of his resources to the female).
Typically for females is that they "monkey branch" — hold on on one men while already preparing or keep as reserve an other man/other men in case the current partner (=resource and protection source) fails, for example by getting killed (in our ancestors far ago) or by getting, for example, unemployed (today more relevant).
Know: The best predictor for divorces induced by women is that their partners became unemployed or otherwise financially weakened.

Yes, that will make some math problems. Or maybe some premises are wrong?
With all that said, some bernds wish
- To fuck a lot of different women
- Marry clean and pure virgin gf
- While not being in top 1% or top 20% of males
Tough luck.

This is actually a sexual war, a battle for resources and mates.
It is not and never was meant to satisfy everybody, instead it's purpose is exactly to exterminate the low-quality, weak humans by natural and sexual evolutionary selection.

Love is not what you learned from Disney movies.
Love is a selection mechanism to exterminate inferior life, as this is less or not loved.
Listen Bernd, I'll say something unpleasant now.
You don't need a kissless virgin flower. You are quite passive and you don't have chances to outchad normies, at least not normally. Morever, being two not too social idiots, you and your gf will fail together, be bored and get many drama.

What you need is a typical normie social gf. Yes, she probably slept with a few if you aren't too lucky. But well, it happens to girls to, just like this thet end up with chad who fucked a harem.
So just settle for someone who is not an idiot instead, not for another autist like you.
I had sex several time so my friends stopped calling me a virgin nerd. Had to date a girl and show off just to stop the bullying. It was horrible, I disliked the girl, being with her was annoying, sex wasn't that great and when I broke up she cried saying I was the perfect man and yadayadayada. Of course I was the perfect man, I acted like the perfect man to get a girl so people would stop mocking me for being a lonely virgin. Geez. Notheless it was worthing it, people leave me in peace now.
I can't be myself around girl. Those bitches will devore your soul if you flinch, you have to be the manly, proactive, dynamic man man without being the macho man. Just want to sit on the computer all day, play music, read books and pet my cat not saving the world everyday because some people are troubles magnets (women).

"Bernd, Bernd I have a problem with me car"
"Bernd, Bernd their is no hot water"
"Bernd, Bernd the sink is clogged (with my hairs)"
"Bernd, Bernd can you help my father with his computer"
"Bernd, Bernd can you cook this for my aunt birthday"
"Bernd, Bernd we should totaly go there for holydays, pls take care of everything"
"Bernd, Bernd can you drive me there"
"Bernd, Bernd my landlord want to raise the rent, pls help me"
"Bernd, Bernd how should I fill that form"
"Benrd, Bernd Emily is a total bitch can you tell her that..."
"Bernd, Bernd stop sleeping I'm horny"
"Bernd, Bernd I'm harassed at work, help me get shitload of money from my boss"
"Benrd, Bernd my shoulder hurt massage me"
"Bernd, Bernd I got the flue, go buy medicines, oh and gimme a french kiss before you go it will strengthen your immune system"

Fuck women, they are like children but worse because they really think they're adult while they can't do shit alone. And people call me a manchild because I play videogames. They can all fuck off, those inept people.

Underrated post. Too many guys just want to get involved with grills and have fuggings because society tells them they're losers if they don't have fuggings with grills.

It used to be that sex was understood as something women make men want to have. Seducing, luring, chasing, those are girl things to do. And it was expected of a man to resist such temptation, and only the weakest men would jump at every such opportunity easily. But: In such times, Sex often was equivalent to marriage (the clerical rite of ceremonially "marrying" non-noble people came later)

Men made women work for it, and made women appreciate if they were given fuckings, especially when those fuckings could realistically result in children and thus would create an obligation for the man to now take care of the girl. But it was understood that women are vapid, sex-controlled morons who'd spend all day long getting their holes filled if you'd let them. The only things in life that makes women happy being sex and children and serving their man. While men could also serve god, in that they could progress science and technology, engage in the fine arts and all of that, all for the glory of god. And the succubi-like women keep trying to get them to waste time with useless pleasures of the flesh.

Nowadays, the roles are reserved. As a western culture, we have imaginings of men who always want sex and beg women for it, and women who supposedly have other things in their life that make them happy. Yet neither sex is whatsoever happy with this arrangement.
В 1948 году туда приехала моя бабушка, она была инженером-химиком, и ее мобилизовала коммунистическая партия. Прибыла она туда с двумя детьми — моей мамой и ее братом. Бабушка работала на «Маяке» до 1960 года, в 1965 году она умерла от лимфогранулематоза, фактически она делала первый плутоний собственными руками.