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люксофт AMD Киев работа Описание требований для новых проектов AMD (вакансии еще не открыты):

Here is a more detailed description of the skill set we are looking for:

1) x86 CPU internal
Candidate should be familiar with the x86(-64) architecture and be able to program x86 assembler. Candidate should also know critical components like MMU, MSRs, AMD-V.

2) GPU internals
Candidate should be familiar with any modern GPU architecture and should have written shader code or openCL code before.

3) Has worked on Linux
Candidate should have developed Linux Kernel internals before. This should be more than just having worked on a device driver.

4) Has worked on Xen
Candidate should have developed the Xen hypervisor, KVM or any other hypervisor before.

5) Has proven track records of upstream OSS contributions
Candidate has a proven track record of successful submissions of patches to the Linux Kernel, Xen or any other large open source project. The contributions must be significant and be available in the public source code repositories.
Candidates should score at least in 3 out of the 5 categories. We are looking for a total of 11 developers, ideally a 6:5 split between hypervisor and Linux developers.