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    Reddit тема: Please merge bottle and flask!
    там идёт борода про просьбу мержа Flask и Bottle:

    For Marcel & Armin:
    Please merge bottle and flask:
    for bottle: such a lovely "bottle"
    for flask: flask page looks so elegant
    I've been struggling between the two framework for around a week. one second I think bottle is better and another second I talk to myself: just go flask. literally struggled for a week by seconds. I CAN'T choose one over another, because I love you both!
    Armin: If Marcel want to go one file, just make it one file, can't we? support python3? maybe later. let's not spoil him.
    Marcel: Let's admit flask is more and more popular, see how many extensions it's got? we need to catch up.
    For both you 2: for the sake of a human being(that's me): MERGE BOTTLE&FLASK, otherwise I'll be so f*ck up after maybe one more week.

    Так вот. Первый комментарий:

    I don't think that will happen anytime soon. Flask depends on werkzeug and Jinja2 and that is a good thing. Bottle has a strict "no dependencies" policy and that is a good thing, too. Both frameworks have their right to exist.

    But fear not, I am working on a plugin for Bottle that adds support for werkzeugs Request/Response objects and exceptions and integrates the interactive debugger. Jinja2 is supported anyway, so, with that plugin, you could turn Bottle into Flask quite easily.

    Edit: I am Marcel :)


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