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Хромого специально жрёт батарейку ноута. Google's Chrome Web Browser Is Killing Your Laptop Battery: forbes.com

So, why is Chrome eating through your battery quicker than other internet browsers? The problem is down to something called the “system clock tick rate”. This is something that Windows uses internally that you won’t hear about unless you go looking. What Chrome does, as soon as it is opened, is set the rate to 1.000ms. The idle, under Windows, should be 15.625ms. The numbers are a bit confusing, but it’s what’s happening that matters here rather than the figures themselves.

Судя по грядущим изменениям похоже на что Mozilla Firefox ориентируется на ламерюг (или быдло/и быдло?) и пользователей Google Chrome. Наверное для того чтобы не растерять пользовательскую базу и не потерять броузер. Ссылки lifehacker.ru , itc.ua blog.mozilla.org <blog.mozilla.org>