• IRC Slackware 12:49 < shaun__> my name is Shaun Barry Gerber — Witpoortjie South Africa
    12:50 < shaun__> Gauteng
    12:50 < shaun__> Kevin Mathew Gerbers's new friend that gave my 60yo mother a dogbite in the governments street outside its house has told kevin to cut the
    power to my room
    12:51 < shaun__> coming from Christian Johanness Gerber that took an owls nest out of an oak tree in my mothers garden
    12:51 < shaun__> to prepare Laratong hospital with rats jumping around the hospital at nighttime
    12:51 < shaun__> the priest of NG kerk liveitchurch.com has been laughing about two things:
    12:52 < shaun__> Rape sexual assult 09Sept2015 — Shaun sexually molested while walking home after being threatened by Porkies Pub down the road
    12:52 < shaun__> several of my mothers friends will testifify that Rita Gerber told me so herself that she wanted to be burried:
    12:53 < shaun__> Pat Lambert — was not at my mothers funeral
    12:53 < shaun__> not invited by Kevin Mathew Gerber
    12:54 < shaun__> Subisiso Khumalo one of my mothers friends was not invited to my mothers funeral Rita Lillian Gerber
    12:54 < shaun__> Jason Benci's mother knows my mother wanted to be burried
    12:55 < shaun__> I am in a house near NG kerk liveitchurch.com that if approached ask them if it was funny that rita was creamated then if they say yes,
    arrest those that laugh about it
    12:55 < shaun__> my mother went to sleep at Laratong hospital on the 21st July 2013 because she saw the movie Jesus Of Nazareth in slackware linux at home when she was alive
    12:56 < shaun__> while Kevin Mathew Gerber, Christian Marius Gerber, ..
    12:56 < shaun__> persons laughing about creamating her ::
    12:56 < shaun__> Christian Johanness gerber — junior

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