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Fellow Haskeller,

Has your strongly typed, quick checked, formally verified, Oleg blessed, higher order monadic code become a little bit too predictable?

Are you feeling a bit bored, emotionally drained and disillusioned with perfection?

Longing for the days when Men were Men (and Women were Women for that matter) and squashed bugs out of Assembler code with just their bare hands and a line editor?

Enter Quid2 [1]: the half baked, barely tested, totally unsafe and spectacularly unoptimised Haskell in the Cloud system.

A delightful blend of Haskell crispiness and JavaScript fluffiness, Quid2 guarantees hours and hours of guilt free hacking enjoyment.

Let a soft lamb(a)da rhythm [2] take you over as you gingerly step onto the Haskell Cloud, it's time to party as if it were 1991 all over again!

[1] quid2.org
[2] youtube.com

Dr. Pasqualino "Titto" Assini
Haskell незнакомый сотрудник на кухне только что спросил, не приседаю ли я со штангой. мне кажется, они о чём-то догадываются