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Python Introduction to Python:
If a programmer tells you to use vim or emacs, tell them no. These editors are for when you are a better programmer.
All you need right now is an editor that lets you put text into a file. We will use gedit because it is simple and the
same on all computers. Professional programmers use gedit so it’s good enough for you starting out.
A programmer may try to get you to install Python 3 and learn that. You should tell them, “When all of the python
code on your computer is Python 3, then I’ll try to learn it.” That should keep them busy for about 10 years.
A programmer will eventually tell you to use Mac OSX or Linux. If the programmer likes fonts and typography,
they’ll tell you to get a Mac OSX computer. If they like control and have a huge beard, they’ll tell you to install Linux.
Again, use whatever computer you have right now that works. All you need is gedit, a Terminal, and python.
Linux thoughts Пишу из-под finch'a, в tmux'e, диссер пишется в соседнем терминале в vim'e, пользуюсь elinks'ом для интернета. И все это в X-ax с KDE. Как я докатился до такой жизни?