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летаргия ПГМ бредятина
> Why is there a program called Evolution in CE?
I am rather upset by the inclusion this program called Evolution in Ubuntu CE. I am unfamiliar with what this program does, but I find the word to be offensive to myself and other Christians. Would it be possible to rename Evolution or not include it as a default package? I do my best to raise my children in a household that preaches the word of God, and I find it rather dubious that Ubuntu CE should include a program that so directly contradicts the word of God.

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летаргия ...как на самом деле произошла покупка McAfee Интелом
Intel CEO:
— "We need antivirus, can someone buy me McAfee?"
Few hours later:
— "Done."
— "Great, which version?"
— "Version ... ?"

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