забыл пароль на juick, qip еще работает по инерции. Но скоро и он забудет, с перестановкой системы. На сайте не нашел способа восстановления, или плохо искал?
Не выходит из головы

themselves — you devil you
Albums: the no music (themselves)

what if the devil stole your women,
do you wait for ransome notes?
would you trust him?
could you trust him?
trust him like mom with a hot needle
or do you cut a hole in the roof?
hell and dump down armfulls of flowers
and flat worms livening up his basement,
and maybe his heart starts a-changing
and he starts sniffing flowers
and he lets your girl go with fur coats and shit.

you can't make satan prey,
you can't sick mom armed with hot needles.
you can't shoot guns down the sewer
or bang on the ceiling angry for god.

satan is alot like you, he's scared up to its horns of happiness.
don't deny yourself mornings.
sing in the face of your enemies.
потести. создал, удалил пару сообщений, в общем наследил.
Еще не знаю как это использовать, так что высока вероятность что не буду использовать вовсе.
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