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reddit Mythos riddles a conventional number of cha When Oedipus reached Thebes, he encountered a Sphinx. "If you want to pass this point alive, you shall answer my riddle What goes on four legs in the morning, on two leg at noon, and on three legs in the evening?", the Sphinx asked. Oedipus pondered for a moment. "Probably one of the those new Pokemon", he finally replied. "There's like 600 of them, I'd be surprised if one of them DOESN'T change its number of legs whilist evolving". "Fair enough, man", spoke the Sphinx. "I can't reasonably expect you to remember all their names. You may pass".
physics metaphysics atsral ДИАЛЕКТИКА (от коей все беды нашего времени)

Почему пространство трёхмерно? Потому что обратная квадратичная зависимость, а на самом деле размерности у него нет.

Почему пространство семимерно? А всё равно, оно НА САМОМ ДЕЛЕ такое! Я хаос, я рождаю бездумно!
nadja vera ljuba trojica etcumspiritumtuo "О нем созданы «Земля Санникова» и «Любовь не земная». Некоторых эпизоды его жизни воспела Анна Герман и Анжелика Варум. А.Н.Ильин — избран миром и Богом. Его автобиография обязательна к прочтению тем, кто интересуется русской культурой и религией".


"Все это время, начиная с 8 лет я упорно молился в тайне и начал замечать, как помолюсь, то, что мне надо, все исполнялось, это начали замечать свои и другие люди. И вот наши старейшины церквей, соборов, храмов обратились к заграничным священнослужителям. И на собраниях совета старейшины присвоили мне звание Христа-Спасителя и звания других богов и другие почетные звания. С такой просьбой привести народы СССР к богу. Продолжая служить уже в армии, я очень любил маршировать, маршировать с песнями, был запевалой, особенно любил «Варяг» и «Эх, Ладога»
The question about the end point of knowledge is of the same character as the question about why cannibalism is wrong. It is something that everyone is supposed to decide on their own. If it is decided, there is no point in asking. If it is not decided, there is no point in answering.
(once like a spark)

if strangers meet
life begins —
not poor not rich
(only aware)
kind neither
nor cruel
(only complete)
i not not you
not possible;
only truthful
— truthfully,once
if strangers (who
deep our most are
selves) touch:

(and so to dark)
игры BDSM и даже ЛГБТ Mighty Jill Off: mightyjilloff.dessgeega.com

There are many things to like about Mighty Jill Off. There's the fact that the "princess" (in this updated to "queen") is no passive victim but instead a demanding domme who insists upon our protagonist's dangerous journey to the hights of the tower in which she keeps herself (she is not "kept") in order to prove her worthiness. Again, this explodes the themes underlying certain classic games at the same time as it playfully messes with and reinvents them. Another is that this is a game that has an entirely female cast, and for me, what that does is illuminate just how many games there are that feature the exact opposite.
It’s not a game which is about games as pain in a simple dumb sense. There’s been dozens of 'impossible' highly punishing games — they’re not very interesting. Hell, there’s many commercial games which are far more punishing than what Mighty Jill Off asks you to overcome — but the point isn’t about just that 'games players are masochists'. It’s that 'games designers are sadists', in the sense of a Master/Slave relationship. In that, it’s a question of trying to punish your slave in a way which makes it a relationship. True sadism would just involve offing the little shit. The point is to make them suffer in a way which they can endure and — by tickling those desires — enjoy.
К слову, не всякое ли получение удовольствия (и, попробую предположить, любая осмысленная деятельность) в некотором роде связано с самоограничением, игрой, мазохизмом в некотором аспекте?
впрочем, это всё-таки субъективно
да и ладно
political scum сио шпигель шпигеля мальчики сексуальные мальцы пороться в срачечку яроврат свенетовит зига зага пчела пчелы гудок гречиха посевная пошерудить в кошаном кошеле стройный эфеб ебаться в срачло целовать губки алые как галстук
Jesus Gave Me a Blowjob

in the front seat of my car.
It was a miracle.
He was beautiful.
I shot a load in his almighty beard.

Slipped my phone number
in his crown of thorns.
His head fit like latex gloves
between my legs.