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  • @finger, [22:40:17] <sandr1x> bells and whistles
    [22:40:18] <translate_er> сигналы, подаваемые при открытии и закрытии биржи
  • @sandr1x, Abbyy Lingvo 12
    bells and whistles
    1) additional features or accessories which are nonessential but very attractive my car has all the latest bells and whistles
    2) additions, such as options or warranties, made to a financial product to increase its market appeal

    • Etymology: from the bells and whistles which used to decorate fairground organs
  • @finger, Вот оно чё, Михалыч.
  • @finger, Мне куда больше понравилось туомовское "Glossy and shallow (with megabezels)":
  • @finger, очень много крылатых выражений — тупые кальки с английского