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religion Theistic religions are actually more dangerous than we used to think of them. We all know (and some love to talk) about personality trauma, child indoctrination, negative impact on science and society development, TERRORISM, Inquisition — all those seemingly important drawbacks of organized religions, but, at the same time, we are trained to automatically supply religious people with the cliche excuse: "their belief in a supreme all-knowing sin-hating Lord thwarts them from ill-doing" — and this is a huuuuuge mistake.

Precisely the dictatorial nature of their Lord is what makes them dangerous on the global scale and in the day to day life as well. Theists are trained to OBEY THE ORDERS OF AN INVISIBLE FRIEND, and the contemporary science (despite inability to cure these conditions) knows very well the true nature of all INVISIBLE FRIENDS.

Catch a theists. Interrogate him (I have stripped theist's replies form this half-dialog, for we all know what they are):
Do you obey your Lord?
The Lord works in mysterious ways.
He can reveal himself privately to you.
He will make you CERTAIN.
He has a power to put His Word into your mind.
Would you obey ANY order of the Lord?
ANY?! (Genesis 22:2)
No, it is a Lord's order.
How can you tell?
Are you questioning your Lord's orders?!?!?!
Are you telling me that you know better than the Lord?!?!?!?
You?! Claim that you PREDICT the Lord's Will!!!

While this conversation is only capable of inducing hysterical response from a healthy person who merely PRETENDS to be a believer (for it is threatening to compromise his undercover job among believers), it makes a perfect self-convincing internal dialog for a true believer. The destructive power of hallucinations is their plausibility! When a "true god" speaks to you, you can not help but believing!!! (once again, Genesis 22:2 is the most revered story by monotheists)

Thus, the religious mindset is a tool for EXTERNALIZATION of one's thoughts, that's what makes a hallucination from a mystic experience, a fire starter of a psychosis. The organized religion is (in turn) a method to transfer psychotic products from the believers upon the healthy (pretenders).

I, therefore, insist that the very idea of "all-Loving God who KNOWS BETTER" is in fact the root of all dangers that religions possess, hide, or present — quite the contrary to what you used to think about their bullshit doctrines.
religion Theist love to argue that their god does not perform miracles on-demand, does not try to make an impression on the public,
their god wants us to believe without evidence, praises this kind of devotion above all as the highest virtue of mind.
They oftentimes refer to the J.Christ who explicitly refused to perform miracles when it was required to decide about his divinity.
Theists consider these requests of proof a temptation, hence the refusal to support your claims a virtue.


I have a better god for you!
One that meticulously follows the principle stated above, one that dwarfs Yahweh in regard to the miracles and faith demand — My god did not perform a single miracle ever!!!
Yet he demands faith. And in his case this is (at last) real faith — not even slightly spoiled with a shed of evidence — my god did not write a holy book, he did not reveal himself at all. My god is so careful about YOUR OWN CHOICE TO BELIEVE that he does not reveal himself to you even privately, nor does he reveal himself to anyone else regardless of sanctity of that person. He is silently waiting for you to accept him, he does not want to push you however slightly.

In the face of my god your god is a cheap show off, a god's parody, an impostor, who (due to the lack of divinity) indulge himself in all sorts of miracles, numerous INTERVENTIONS, and direct orders. Your god is an attention whore in comparison to my god. He is tempting you to believe his magic tricks, he is a distraction on your way to the true god, the one who does not condescend to revelations and scripture inspiring.