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politics crap а вы замечали что "западное" и "исламское" ханжества принципиалйно разные.
внешне может и полно сходств (убийства за адюлтер, honor killings вполне одинаковые), но внутренее устройство совершенно различное.

Посмотрите на европейскоэ ханжеское платье. Оно чуть более чем полностю составлено из елементов изначалйно призванных подчоркиватй сексуалйностй или даже прямо вызыватй возбуждение. смотрите вниMателйно... Тургеневские девушки (падавшиэ в обморок от слова "хуй" и умиравшие от позора показать голое запястье) носили корсеты!!! Это покруче чем doublethink!!!

Теперь посмотрите на отношения пролов и партии на "западе" и в "исламе". На "западе", даже в годы разцвета ханжества весь пиздец был строго ВНУТРИПАРТИЙНЫМ, пролам было разрешено ебацца скока хотят, где хотят и как хотят и даже "language policing" не было. В "исламе" всё строго наоборот!!! Ханжеством охвачены пролы, лишь частично партия, и совершенно напоказ свободна от любых ограничений внутренняя партия.
IT w3c crap Imagine, you enter a grocery store to buy a loaf of bread.
— Welcome to the Shop & Co! 
— Hello. I am looking for....
— Where have you been recently?
— In a hardware store. Why?
— Do you use a car to get to us?
— No, I use a bike.
— Which model?
— XYZ123. Fucking Why?!
— Have you been to our store before? Any receipts?
— Nope.
— Where are you from?
— Me?! From Lithuania.
— Why do you speak English then?
— ...I don't know, I feel like doing so.
— May I speak Lithuanian?
— No way! just give me fucking bread!
— We are so sorry, we do not have Lithuanian bread right now.
— Can you give me any other goddamn bread!!!
— Nope.

This is exactly what happens every time you visit a website.
life crap Watching as a Nobel Prize winner is shitting another Nobel Prize winner, I can't help noticing a painful obsession in an entourage of falsehoods... So think that perhaps all people are delusional, it is not like any one is any less delusional than others, but some of one's delusions happen to coincide with the reality.
politics crap Главный враг "крупного капитала" ето "капитал мелкий", всякие там выскочки... конкуренции им блять захотелось!
Поэтому "крупный капитал" всегда будет поддерживать коммунистов и прочую левацкую мразь.
До банков, и фондов (намертво сросшихся с добрым "социал-демократическим" правительством) они никогда не дотянуцца (и руки коротки и мозгов нет), а вот всяких излишне инициативных предпринимателей истребляют очень эффективно.
politics crap It could be asked as the following:
Shall we remove the gender restriction from the legal definition of marriage?
Sure, why not? This restriction seems pretty arbitrary, since the marriage does not imply any legal obligations that are in turn restricted to a particular combination of two genders.
A simple removal of some legacy bullshit from a civil code is not a hot news, it could not create a worldwide controversy with a sufficient amount of bloodshed.
You need to bring a GAYNESS up to the discourse if you want it to make to the headlines.

BTW, we are witnessing a fabulous role reversal between so called opponents and proponents of the motion.
in fact the "proponents" are doing everything for the motion to be rejected, while the "opponents" are pushing it with all they have.
No "opponent" did ever asked if the straight people will be allowed to same sex marriage according to the proposal? Which could ruin the whole false-equality argument.
No "proponent" did ever attempted to take away sexual practices from the dispute, which could ruin the whole "family values" argument (and be a guaranteed winning move, since legally marriage has noting to do with sex at all).
IT politics crap "ElcomSoft has pioneered many software innovations that have made it easier to recover lost passwords from the operating system, Microsoft Office products, Adobe PDF files, ZIP and RAR archives, and a variety of other applications." — we live in the era of Euphemisms.