• IT w3c crap Imagine, you enter a grocery store to buy a loaf of bread.
    — Welcome to the Shop & Co! 
    — Hello. I am looking for....
    — Where have you been recently?
    — In a hardware store. Why?
    — Do you use a car to get to us?
    — No, I use a bike.
    — Which model?
    — XYZ123. Fucking Why?!
    — Have you been to our store before? Any receipts?
    — Nope.
    — Where are you from?
    — Me?! From Lithuania.
    — Why do you speak English then?
    — ...I don't know, I feel like doing so.
    — May I speak Lithuanian?
    — No way! just give me fucking bread!
    — We are so sorry, we do not have Lithuanian bread right now.
    — Can you give me any other goddamn bread!!!
    — Nope.

    This is exactly what happens every time you visit a website.

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