• politics crap It could be asked as the following:
    Shall we remove the gender restriction from the legal definition of marriage?
    Sure, why not? This restriction seems pretty arbitrary, since the marriage does not imply any legal obligations that are in turn restricted to a particular combination of two genders.
    A simple removal of some legacy bullshit from a civil code is not a hot news, it could not create a worldwide controversy with a sufficient amount of bloodshed.
    You need to bring a GAYNESS up to the discourse if you want it to make to the headlines.

    BTW, we are witnessing a fabulous role reversal between so called opponents and proponents of the motion.
    in fact the "proponents" are doing everything for the motion to be rejected, while the "opponents" are pushing it with all they have.
    No "opponent" did ever asked if the straight people will be allowed to same sex marriage according to the proposal? Which could ruin the whole false-equality argument.
    No "proponent" did ever attempted to take away sexual practices from the dispute, which could ruin the whole "family values" argument (and be a guaranteed winning move, since legally marriage has noting to do with sex at all).

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