• 17.07.2017
    Dear members:

    At present, the new money rule is applied to the release of ‘Mavro-2016-Contributions’ for 10% of the amount of PH-request (of participant himself or his referral).

    How does it work? It means that if you provide help in the amount of 1000, and before that you have withdrawn 600, then the new money will be 1000-600=400. And your ‘Mavro-2016-Contributions’ will be released for 10% of 400, it means only 40 will be unfrozen (so not 100, not 10% of 1000).

    We would like to share pleasant news with you. From now on, the new money will be counted since the day of this announcement got published.

    It means if, for example, tomorrow you provide help in the amount of 1000 nairas, they will be considered as new money, even if previously you have already withdrawn 2000.

    Sincerely yours,

    We are changing the world!

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