Ох лол
В journalctl добавлена опция "--grep" для вывода только записей, соответствующих заданной маске. По умолчанию в маске разделяется верхний и нижний регистр символов, для отключения разделения следует указать "--case-sensitive=no";
Когда кто-то не осилил конвейеры.


I think the lesson to anyone watching is clear: don't build security into your products, because that makes you a target for researchers, even if you make the right decisions, and regardless of whether their research is practically important or not. It's much more effective to be Telegram: just leave cryptography out of everything, except for your marketing.


а вроде и не пятница
g> TIL: There is a funeral doom metal band called "Monads". @yves
n> TIL: There is a musical genre called "funeral doom metal" :stuck_out_tongue:
g> Someone should make a "metal subgenre name generator".
g> I am not a big fan of doom metal myself. But the idea of listening to monads does have some bucolic appeal. (edited)
n1> @g that kind of thinking might lead you to leibniz and Nietzsche
g> Why is that ?
a> I like that Leibniz and Nietzsche are considered similar in this sentence.
n1> nah, Nietzsche uses the concept of monads in "beyond good and evil"
n1> but I think it was borrowed from leibniz
a> Oh. Quite possibly. Leibniz's realism had something of the sort.
a> Like essential objects.
a> I should study more.
n1> essential, atomic things
g> So I just demonstrated my ignorance of philosophy :wink:
n1> by the way, while I can understand why Monad implies something irreducible/atomic (mono-), I have no clue why it applies to monoids in the category of endofunctors
n1> mh though it's in "monoid"
a> The initial name of Monads was Triple.
a> So there you have it: improvement.
a> The word « Category » in category theory is probably taken from Kant (_Critique of pure reason_). (edited)
a> (where it meant something very different than a reflexive and transitive graph, to be sure)
a> Though I don't know if McLane or Eilenberg are on record saying this.
a> It makes sense to pick your next random name from another German philosopher.