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Один из сотрудников японских спецслужб мог сознательно отправить в Интернет более сотни секретных документов с данными о международных террористах, осведомителях и агентах, действующих под прикрытием. Об этом сообщили сегодня источники в следственных органах, которые занимаются этим скандальным делом, передает ИТАР-ТАСС.


GhostBSD it is a user-friendly, GNOME-based FreeBSD distribution in the form of a live CD (not installable to hard disk yet). Besides developing the live CD, the project's other goal is to improve the GNOME desktop experience on a FreeBSD system.

Надо бы пощупать. Может он вообще не запустится, как это было с одним дистром на опенбзде.


GeeXboX 2.0-alpha2 release

It's already been one month since 2.0-alpha1 release so here's alpha2. This release fixes a lot of bugs that have been encountered by our users on this first 2.x series preview.

Normalize LIRC configuration by providing generic binding for each and every remote control.
Initial port to ARM architecture: stay tuned, it's gonna be awesome news soon :-)
Restoration of UPnP/DLNA feature with a brand new stack.
Restoration of internationalization support.
Upgrade of nVidia drivers: proprietary, legacy one and addition of Nouveau.
Add Kernel Mode Settings (KMS) for ATI/Intel/nVidia drivers.
Upgrade to Linux 2.6.33 kernel.
Fix LiveCD and Win32 installers, you can now install GeeXboX to disk again.
Fix OGG files playback issue.
Upgrade Enna to future upcoming 0.5.0 release, including hundreds of bug fixes and new features such as Weather enhancements, GeoIP localization, UPnP support, SHOUTcast and Podcast streaming.

Generator is still not yet ready for prime-time but we're working on it. That said, feel free to download this new 2.0-alpha2 release. It had been made available for i386 and x86_64 computers. The light and full sources of this release obviously are available too.

Я боюсь представить чего добавят в релиз. Наверное реализуют стандарт варки кофе.


Вышла новая версия гпартеда.
Скачать: sourceforge.net
Сверить: free.nchc.org.tw
Почитать что нового: sourceforge.net
Кстати: Fix bug when copying huge (> 100 GB) NTFS partition never finishes. Вин же! Я из-за этого бага раздел на 160 (кажись) гигов убил. Хорошо, что там были тока фильмы, раздел как и хард были не мои и важные данные мы забэкапили.


О, моновол новый вышел. Я уж подумал что им надоело.
Скачать тут: m0n0.ch
Скрины веб-гуя тут: m0n0.ch

Changes in this release:

* IPv6 improvements
o allow IPv6 addresses for domain overrides in DNS forwarder
o added 'strict order' to DNS forwarder (useful when using SixXS DNS)
o initial support for AYIYA for SixXS tunnels
o fix for DHCPv6 firewall rules
o allow link-local addresses to communicate
o allow input of DUID in MAC address field of a DHCPv6 reservation
o DHCPv6 reservations are now also added to DHCPv4
* fix to WAN DHCP (release/renew button)
* added option to disable spoof check on bridge (use to enable non-m0n0wall DHCP servers and/or multicast traffic)
* added system fans/temperature monitoring on status page – should work on a reasonable set of PC hardware (but not on Soekris/PC Engines boards)
* improved handling of accesses to pages that the user is not authorized for
* added fix for OpenSSL session renegotiation vulnerability
* added patch to ISC-DHCP to rewrite lease file every 5 minutes (reduce growth rate and occurrence of MFS exhaustion)

Где там мой вбокс?