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space плейлист смотрю ща запись спуска дракона
на фоне голоса в рации. музыку параллельно слушаю. и тут обратный отсчёт и "игнишн" как раз, когда большие парашюты раскрываются. какой игнишн, почему игнишн? в другой вкладке запуск показывают? вроде нет. а это в музыке =)
space The FCC announced today that it had reached a settlement with Swarm over the startup's unauthorized satellite launch in 2017. The trouble started in December of last year when the FCC denied Swarm a licence to launch a set of small satellites called SpaceBEEs, with the commission claiming the satellites were too small to be reliably tracked. But Swarm launched them anyway in January and once the FCC got wind, it initiated an investigation. The settlement requires Swarm to pay a $900,000 penalty and submit to extended FCC oversight over the next few years.