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quote (John Carmack)

We “released” my 10 year old son’s game that was done in Racket <...>
I’m still taking a little heat from my wife for using an obscure language instead of something mainstream that is broadly used in industry, but I have nothing but good things to say about using Racket and DrRacket for a beginning programmer, and highly recommend it.

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quote If you're referring to the "The Camel has Two Humps" paper then perhaps you'd like to know that the authors retracted their claim
Oh wow, that is amazing. The guy flipped out on anti-depressants and wrote an influential paper that he now disavows. I wasn't expecting that.
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Linux quote Kernel Стоит указать, что у разработчиков ядра отсутствует какое-либо тестирование того, что они делают, а большую часть времени т.н. "обсуждений патчей" в списке рассылки они тратят на сексистские, расистские и гомофобные оскорбления друг друга. Эта удивительная ситуация, что характерно, в садомазохистской иерархии разработчиков ядра устраивает почти всех.
quote >> websites aren't losing any revenue by me not seeing their ads.
> This argument is a little too close to justifying piracy for my liking. "I wasn't going to buy it anyway, so it's fine"
Do you also think not buying a Toyota is a little too close to car theft?
PHP programming quote WTF I'm not exactly clear on how PHP == works, but you can see the MD5 for yourself:
$ echo -n 240610708 | md5sum
0e462097431906509019562988736854 —
$ echo -n QNKCDZO | md5sum
0e830400451993494058024219903391 —
$ echo -n aabg7XSs | md5sum
0e087386482136013740957780965295 —
All of them start with 0e, which makes me think that they're being parsed as floats and getting converted to 0.0.

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quote The first century starts at 0001-01-01 00:00:00 AD, although they did not know it at the time. This definition applies to all Gregorian calendar countries. There is no century number 0, you go from -1 century to 1 century. If you disagree with this, please write your complaint to: Pope, Cathedral Saint-Peter of Roma, Vatican.
quote Using "guys" to refer to a group that includes women doesn't make you a kitten-drowning superhitler. I'm not going to ban anyone for using it as such. But I do appreciate it if you stay mindful of the fact that many women find it off-putting.
EDIT: I just want to clarify that, yes, I would ban you if I found out that you were a kitten-drowning superhitler.
EDIT 2: I want to further clarify that I would almost certainly ban you if you were any kind of superhitler, regardless of your stance on kittens.

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quote Go In other words, Go represents a kind of Machiavellian power play, orchestrated by slow-and-careful programmers who are tired of suffering for the sins of fast-and-loose programmers. The Go documentation refers quite often to intolerable 45-minute build times suffered by the original designers, and I can’t help but imagine them sitting around and seething about all those unused imports from those “other” programmers, that is, the “bad” programmers.
Go is productive enough that I’ve been enjoying implementing things from scratch like collapsible widgets and navigating a viewport. In order to do evil things like convert raw bytes to floats, I chose to use the “unsafe” package, which made me feel manly, powerful, and highly supportive of private gun ownership. Interfacing with C appears to be straightforward, though I feel like the compiler may want a criminal-background check and 30 day waiting period before letting me use it.
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