• Linux I'm tired of Ubuntu 9.04 and its random crashes. I am evaluating alternatives:
    — Zenwalk: Slackware based, fast (xfce, i686 optimized, kernel) comes with pretty good and updated software list (digikam 1.0beta 4, scribus 1.6.4..), responsive commuity, central package repository. However the package manager is far away from something like apt. Sometimes you install a software but it won't work due to some missing libraries. But still a good product for people willing to learn a little bit.
    — FreeBSD 8.0 (coming up end of the month): Rock solid system and package management, ZFS support. Not as mature for desktop usage (ease of use and software selection). There is an going development of Virtualbox for FreeBSD which would open a world of opportunities. Managing a FreeBSD is rewarding but requires some involvment. The good news is the system is much easier to understand and configure. Latest version have simplified system administration by offering binary system updates. Lastly my heart goes to BSD licence rather than GNU.

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