• privacy FOSS Juick I got an interesting question in my previous post from @longedok : "Why do you choose Juick, instead of twitter for example?"

    Well, that is an interesting question. Let me give you some of my background first. I dumped MS Outlook in 2000 when I lost about 1.99GB of data due to a known feature. Since that date I switched over to Thunderbird and never looked back. Same thing for emails hosting and other online services. I got screwed so many times with promising websites offering free services. In the end they either charge you or run out of business. In the meantime they do take over control over your data. Because I want to stay in control I now pay for my email hosting like for my web hosting. So online email services such as GMail, Hotmail and so on are considered as evil to me. After so many years I finally have had the opportunity to dump MS Windows on my work laptop for Linux. That was about 8 months ago. At the same time I decided to disconnect from Skype as well as I really don't like this large corporation digesting all my conversations without opening the communication protocol. I'm not much paranoid but I feel important to be able to keep control over personal data and privacy. I'm electronically signing most of my personal and business emails and tend to encrypt them as soon as I have a recipient that is able to deal with that. What makes me mad is to see how people in so called modern countries such as France or the US give up on privacy. Let's say you tell someone that all his emails will be read for his own protection or for national security. Most of the time the answer will be "I don't have anything to hide. I don't do anything bad!". Well, to me privacy is a fundamental right that some countries have hard time to deal with. Ultimately I believe I have the right to encrypt an email to my mother containing an apple pie receipt. Bad people know how to exchange information in a very secret way anyway. Coming to IM, Jabber was the obvious choice to stay free even if it means to losing some contacts (I don't use gateways). I've never had a blog. I always gave some thoughts on having one but maintaining one on a daily basis scares me. I never really paid attention to Facebook or Twitter (how good is a 140-character message?) for multiple reasons including privacy and also because you need to register even to see what's inside. When I switched to Jabber I randomly found an article that talked about Juick. I went to the website and got initially scared because it was 98% in Russian. There was an English button on the right but it would only translate one or two of the help pages. I discovered that no registration was required...THAT IS SWEET! and that everything can be controlled from Jabber. That is truly powerful and innovative. Micro-blogging can be done on-the-fly via a PC or better via a mobile phone. The second reason for being on Juick is that it will help me to evangelize Jabber because at some point one will want to post and to post you need a Jabber account. Long answer for a short question!
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