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  • @agr, Skills:

    Software Engineering, Programming Languages, Python, Haskell, Team Building, Entrepreneurship, Quality Assurance, Product Development, Leadership, Lean Startups, C, Hardware Design, UI/UX Design, Project Management, LLVM, Continuous Integration, Scala, Automated Software Testing, Ocaml, B2B Sales, Static Analysis, Domain Driven Design, Java J2EE, Internet of Things, Test Automation, Cybersecurity, Domain Specific Languages, Version Control, Domain-Specific Language Engineering, Coq, Category Theory, F Sharp, System Modeling & Simulation, Atlassian JIRA, Verification and validation, Code Review, Idris, Formal Verification, Safety-Critical Systems, Agda, Type Theory, Isabelle, Real-Time Operating Systems RTOS, Compiler Design, functional programming in OCaml, Theoretical Computer Science, VDHL, Continuous improvement and lean Principles
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