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doublecommander Вышло корректировочное обновление 0.7.0 — Двух-Панельного, графического, файлового менеджера Double Commander, не за горами большой релиз.

Новое в версии 0.7.0
Internal file associations configuration is now stored in extassoc.xml. The old doublecmd.ext is renamed to doublecmd.ext.obsolete on first start and may be deleted
Tree view panel
Selective change attributes
Search in archives (wcx plugins)
Flat view in archives (wcx plugins)
Asymmetric directory synchronization
Speed up CRC32/SFV hash calculation time
Calculate and verify blake2s, blake2sp hash
Many operations can be started initially in queue
Enhanced file association dialog
Default search template
Built-in GVFS support (Linux)
Copy NTFS permissions (Windows)
Copy files between virtual file sources
Edit file in virtual file sources (archives, ftp etc)
Capability to choose encoding for each ftp connection
Favorite Tabs: capability to save/load group of tabs