• Mozilla многобукв инфа100% Вот что говорят на мозилловском форуме относительно реализации протокола SPDY в ФФ
    "They're trying to take over the web with their language Go, cross platform browser plugin Native Client and this new browser protocol.
    It seems they want to start a new browser revolution like Netscape and Microsoft did. Mozilla and Microsoft would have to fight Google until they give up and support all of it, because it's better for the web."
    И самая мякотка
    "A German developer called Fefe has a far less flattering interpretation when it comes to the goals of SPDY: Since it's some kind of push protocol it would enable Google to send advertisement to the browser without being requested first. This would have a large impact on extensions like Adblock Plus which help to improve loading times by blocking unnecessary traffic. This would not be possible any longer if no request is needed to receive data from servers."

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  • @Toyoku-mono, до сомнительная херота на самом деле, сжатые хедеры — это вовсе не панацея, а другой контент уже давно по большей части прозрачно гзипуется. Единственная разумная мысль — это указывать приоритеты загрузки частей, но это можно на уровне хотя бы метатегов в хтмле сделать.