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игры цитата homestuck Anyway, sometimes when Mario's running sideways he gets a star that makes him magic and invincible.
So for a while he becomes flashy and hyperactive and nothing's challenging anymore.
He just starts barreling over mushrooms and leaping over pits as fast as he can, then gets to the end and jumps on the flagpole and that's it. Mario "wins".
But the point is, he didn't really win. That magic star was actually devastating to his development as a human being.
Because he skipped over many critical trials on his spiritual journey.
Mario NEEDS to stomp on all those mushrooms. He NEEDS to bonk those bricks with his head, for the sake of his personal growth.
By using the star, he is denying himself many powerful moments of catharsis.
цитата математики And I was at a pub once with some friends of mine, and we were drinking and having fun. And we thought we'd order some food. We were on table 16. I went up to the bar. And I said, to get food, could we get delivered to 16? And I went, oh, wait, a minute, which is 4 squared. Can I order food to the table 4 squared? And it ended up the poor girl behind the bar looked very confused. And I went, no, actually, we'll make it easier. How about I order it 2 to the 4? Because not only is 16 4 times 4, it's also a 2 times 2 times 2 times 2. And then at this point, she looked very bewildered, and later on, we managed to intercept our food on the way to table 24.
цитата Ну, список реформ, который должен удовлетворить всякие «пиратские партии» прост:

1) Запрет параллельного импорта
2) Запрет на продажу изделий с маркировкой товарным знаком производителя без согласия производителя.
3) Общеевропейские патенты.
4) Продление длительности действия патента на +20 лет.
5) Официальное признание «алгоритм = патент»
6) Увеличение срока действия авторского права ещё на 15 лет.
7) Запрет на копирование объектов авторского права без явного согласия правообладателя.
8) Уголовная ответственность за нелицензионный доступ к контенту вне зависимости от причин
9) Запрет пересечения границ на тракторах
цитата misfits — Every woman you see, they're just a hole into which you can potentionally insert your penis.
— Three! There's three bloody hohes into which I could potentionally insert me penis.
— How do we even belong to the same species?
— As one wise twat once said, men are from Mars, and women love penis.
— It's "from Venus"
— Cha! Spot the lesbian.
еда цитата Американцы пьют Кока-Колу каждый день и живут до 80.
В России, где Кока-Колу пьют редко, не доживают до 60.
В 16 веке, т.е. до изобретения Кока-Колы люди жили везде в среднем до 40.
Вывод: Кока-Кола — эликсир жизни.
цитата божеэтопрекрасно АКТИВИСТ: Скажите, профессор, а этим микроскопом можно убить человека?
ПРОФЕССОР: То есть как это «убить»?!
АКТИВИСТ: Ну, например, если по затылку сильно стукнуть?
ПРОФЕССОР (растерянно): Я как-то не думал об этом... Ну да, наверное, можно...
АКТИВИСТ (в телекамеру, торжествующе): Как вы только что слышали, руководитель зловещей лаборатории сам признает не только потенциальную опасность своего оборудования, но и то, что он до сих пор полностью игнорировал эту важнейшую проблему!...
еда цитата Слабоват работник оказался. В советские времена довелось работать в столовой, так там грузчики за милую душу пили пучеглазку ( так они называли спиртованный ароматизатор ) и ничего. Только в туалете постоянно то дюшесом то апельсинами воняло
цитата homestuck Is “Dirk raised himself” canon? I can’t see how that would be possible, should we assume he’s lying or is he really that badass?
It is probably not possible in the real world. But as an adult, he stood on a meteor as it descended to Earth, and chopped it in half. As a baby, raising himself is a really minor feat in comparison. In that it is something that while far fetched, is actually in the realm of physical possibility.

This kind of exposes a funny thing about the suspension of disbelief. There are things we are very ready to suspend it for, even if they are laughably implausible. Like, sure it is absurd that he chopped a meteor in half. But it KICKED ASS! It gets a pass. But a baby raising himself on stockpiles of orange soda, the occasional fishing expedition, and teaching himself everything from the internet? That is just ludicrous. To be honest, I’m not even totally sure if there aren’t weirder stories out there that are actually true.
цитата MeeGo Jolla It’s MeeGo with our own interface, and nice new features and functionality. We can talk about these when we come out with the product, but we want to get away from that [standard user experience of] opening and closing applications. That is a five-year-old design pattern and user experience. We want to go further. They’re pretty individualistic machines these days, smartphones. We want to be the phone that handles messaging, calendars and so on in an inclusive way, so you can have concepts like the family in the device.