• цитата Caledonian2: I can produce vivid memories of images, sounds, textures, smells, etc. But my dreams are in streams of words — not the sounds of speech or the appearance of text, but the meanings alone. If I had a dream of the man walking down the street and turning into a drugstore, there would be no direction he was walking in, no perspective relative to me, and he wouldn't be turning left or right. He'd just be.

    So you'd have a movie-like experience? Mine is more like reading a novel — only an invisible novel. While I have no body. Everywhere.

    bigjeff5: Novels for me are like movies that last for many hours instead of just a couple.

    That's why I like to read them.

    wedrifid: If you were reading a book and the characters were introduced as "this one looks like Summer Glau" and "this one looks like Amy Acker" would that set the scene for how the entire movie looked? That'd be awesome. :P

    bigjeff5: Yeah, pretty much, though that's a pretty cheesy thing to do, heh.

    Unless the author goes into great detail or I already have a particular person in mind for a character type, faces tend to be indistinct. For example, in Stephen King's Dark Tower series (which I'm finishing up now) I picture Roland, the main character, to be very similar to the classic "spaghetti western" Clint Eastwood, but everyone else is much less detailed.

    but everyone else is much less detailed.
    What a waste! All that imagination ability going to 'indistinct' when you could be having day long Summer Glau movies! It's almost criminal.

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