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Gust have been busy with New Atelier Rorona, but However, fans of Ar Tonelico and Ciel no Surge will also have something to look forward to, as this week’s issue of Dengeki PlayStation reveals that their upcoming title, Ar no Surge, will be some sort of mix between the two games.
According to the magazine report, the game will be a RPG directed by Akira Tsuchiya, known for directing the three Ar Tonelico games, along with Ar Tonelico and Phantasy Star Universe illustrator “ntny” as the character designer
Ar no Surge is slated for release on January 30, 2014, for PlayStation 3.

Как быть? Нужно где-то нарыть описание сеттинга, сюжета и персонажей Ciel no surge, т.к. поиграть в это вряд ли удастся, да и жанр несколько не тот.