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    Be warned — LLtQ was written for Ren'Py 6.12.2 (with some slight hacks).
    IIRC the most important things that are likely to be version dependant are
    the GL tests, the traceback uploader, and savegame naming — so if your
    video card plays nice with 6.13 then you may well be OK, but — it is not
    guaranteed to work right in anything but the version of Ren'Py in the

    (I'd guess that 6.13 moved it to gl.gltexture or renpy.gl.gltexture,
    from the paths in the traceback.)

    У меня пока что всё работает с 6.13ым после того поста (NVIDIA дрова, да). Посмотрим что будет дальше. Меня уже успели несколько раз грохнуть… %)

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