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anime gay [10:08:45] <СвeтИк> видел вчера у гринвича поцыка в футболке gurren dan
[10:08:48] <СвeтИк> прикиньте
[10:08:58] <СвeтИк> она из-под куртки так беспалевно светилась
[10:14:28] <СвeтИк> но я-то знал, что ЕГО БУР ПРОНЗИТ НЕБЕСА
anime gay I wonder how Rei’s sweat tastes like?

I mean, she is made of the weird PWM stuff and yet she’s biologically pretty close to human but then again she’s something of a Goddess powered by massive mama quantum soul too so… I think it’s not reasonable to expect her sweat totaste or smell like normal girl sweat. I’ve noticed normal girl sweat tastes more bitter and salty cuter the girl and Rei is very cute but I don’t she has normal girl sweat for reasons outlined above. So I have theory taste of Rei’s sweat is closer to that of fresh snow than salt etc. that are typical of normal girl sweat. It would also fit Rei’s kuudere archetype and how pale she is. What do you think? Is it normal girl sweat or not?
Also, since Rei doesn’t menstruate do you think it’s possible she doesn’t sweat at all? That would be such a bummer, but I guess it’s feasible…

Also, which one probably has better tasting sweat in your opinion: Rei or Asuka? I think the answer is Rei because Asuka’s is probably just normal girl sweat though it might be bit more acidic than on average.