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диалоги аниме Омск [14:12:13] <jopp> напиши название полностью
[14:12:21] <sveticq> арриэти из страны лилипутов
[14:12:31] <sveticq> хз как на рдрушгих языках
[14:12:36] <sveticq> миядзаки короче
[14:12:42] <sveticq> гибли хуибли
[14:12:48] <jopp> он до сих пор мультики рисует?
[14:13:05] <sveticq> нет блядь растерзан стаей бешеных носорогов
[14:13:21] <sveticq> и последний мультик нарисовал СВОЕЙ КРОВЬЮ
аниме говно This anime is nothing short of what can be called a gem in the anime industry. It defies everything that has to do with fan-service (fan-catering), moe, harems, and above all, meaningless idleness. It is a manifestation of beauty itself, in it's most humane form, annexed with great amounts of honesty with the audience. It manages to not only obtain all of the listed above, but also give impressive results with all of the additional aspects it has to offer.
Boku no Pico is what anyone would call the usual slice-of life, only presented in a rather peculiar form. It consists of three parts, and like in any story in need of a plot, it has a beginning, middle and an end, in the most concrete way possible. In other words, it consists of 3 parts, 3 stories, all which connect with the life a particular person, the main character. Throughout these rather short-length stories, you get to witness moments, which even live-action movies, not refering to anime, more often than not, fail to display. Moments of absolute truth, quiet emotional bursts that make you stare in aw, honest reflections of life, the life that nobody can compete against. This a story of love, the kind of love, that forms as unexpectedly as it deprives form your life piece by piece, the sort of love, that forms when your fragile heart is still under its first stages of development, and has yet to be compelled by the strict circumstances of fate. The story uses all of these features, and creates a formula of success which makes this anime a one of a kind piece of art, climbing up to first place as one of the most successful slice-of-life/romance movies made up-to-date.
аниме говно Neon Genesis Evangelion is an interesting, but unremarkable anime. Rather than explain or explore a lot of parts of the anime that should be important, Neon Genesis Evangelion shows the events and characters and requires you to make assumptions and guesses as to what is behind them, and why.
The characters feel like they should be interesting, but are not explored in depth enough to make them memorable. All of the characters have some sort of back story, or emotions that seem like they are important, but are not properly explained. Sometimes a character may do something, and you can look at what was briefly mentioned and can assume why they did such a thing, but other times its very difficult to understand their motive.
The story has similar problems as well. There will be a sudden change in events, that everyone will get behind, but it is never explained to why what they do is a good idea, or even what it is they are doing. The main reason for this problem is probably the lack of explanation and presentation of the world of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Things are mentioned briefly throughout the series, and by picking up the little things the setting can be better understood and established. This requires more work than it should, and not everything can be picked up in only one viewing.
аниме anime Короче, начал ikoku meiro no croisee. Неплохое: тихое, спокойное, неторопливое, самое то летом смотреть. Надо ещё диск с Aria раскопать в своих завалах и тоже посмотреть (а то пацаны смеются)
аниме anime А я вот что подумал: за время своего существования сериал Macross успел из футуристического сделаться альтернативно-историческим (°~°)
диалоги Куба77 аниме <svtk> ...а у кого это ты аниме берешь в русской озвучке? :3
<jopp> у Сани
<jopp> ужас, да?
<jopp> загробные голоса
<svtk> госпаде, чо он смотрит ._.
<jopp> что он смотрит?
диалоги аниме уёхан <svtk> о, ты в курсе, что у меня аниме Monster скачалось?
<jopp> круто!
<svtk> 75 серий. 12 ГБ. хнык-хнык
<jopp> ОЛоло
<svtk> ололошеньки лоло
<svtk> вернее, быдлоло
<svtk> но ты эту шутку всё равно не поймёшь
<svtk> да она и не очень-то смешная
диалоги аниме <Svetique> i47.tinypic.com держи картинку
<jopp> а я юмора не понял
<jopp> обьяснишь?
<Svetique> ну это суигинто, у неё catchphrase — "watashi wa janku janai", или "i am not junk!"
<Svetique> она первая из кукол, и неудачная. её Розен поэтому выкинул на мороз, а она потом собралась обратно сама в силу того, что всё равно охуенно любила батяню.
<jopp> вау
<jopp> как круто
<Svetique> смотри розен мейден! XD
<Svetique> еби кукол!
<jopp> ок
аниме Досмотрел Tentai Senshi Sunred. Ну на любителя штучка — пародия на всяких могучих рейнджеров (могучая кучка ггг) про кризис среднего возраста и т.п. Я, похоже, любитель. Мне понравилось. Когда там второй сезон? Вроде скоро же!