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  • @Stiletto, поржал, спасибо :)
  • @Stiletto, Там самое вкусное как раз в tl;dr. Избранная паста:
    ...The Gerogians then went through the city with tanks and APCs like Rambo wannabes, shooting at the buildings and cars and anyone they saw while screaming WAHOO! Meanwhile, elite Georgian commandos were carrying out a special mission: redirecting all of the city's waterpipes to pump hundreds of gallons of water into tightly cramped basements where dozens of civilians were hiding. Georgian commanders later claimed that they were trying to help out the people and give them something to drink while hiding, and it was not their fault if they were all shittly swimmers. Meanwhile, Georgians villagers living South Ossetia who had been secretly given AK-47's by the Georgian government got their orders, and killed their Ossetan neighbors and friends in order to make room for new, ethnically pure neighbors and friends. The Ossetian militia, aided by Russian Peacekeeping units and lightly armed, sprung into action destroying 4 Georgian T-72 tanks and killing at least 10 highly equipped and
    NATO/SPRI-trained Georgians. They also shot down a Georgian SU-25 jet and slaughtered its crew. The Georgians were killing dozens of the Ossetian militia, and destroyed 5 Russian-made Ossetian tanks, since they were driven by peasants who could barely drive a car. The Georgians were having a high old time, stealing shit from Ossetian corpses and the ruined city, and taking cell phone pictures of their atrocities to show their families what big men they were, until the Red Air Force joined in on the fun and began bombing Georgian troops and artillery positions, killing lots of Failiorgians and smashing a lot of their advanced military shit to scrap metal.
    The Georgians had a brilliant plan: they wanted to blow up the Roki Tunnel, thinking that the Russians would not be guarding it with SpetzNaz. The Georgians sent in SPRI-trained commandos, which ran into SpetzNaz. A massive raep ensued. The SpetzNaz lost 1 soldier, the 200+ Georgian special unit was completely wiped out, not one survivor. What kind of an idiot would send soldiers trained and armed by mercenaries against the SpetzNaz? Oh right, the planners of this war...
    ...Nevertheless, the Russians were not happy, so Russian bombers destroyed half of the Failorgian Air Force — on the ground. And by the way, half the Georgian Air Force was seven planes. Some American-trained Georgian combat pilots died in that airstrike. How does one country fail so hard?...