The site is updated, the basic functions can be seen only after the release of an updated client — 0.3.11 (release, which will take place this week). In the meantime, we can estimate the new site design performed on the framework — Twitter Bootstrap.
April 12 and 13, there was an emergency situation. Users of Opera — our client is not working, we sincerely apologize for this. In this connection, the transition to full encryption will be implemented only with the next version.
All with the Space Probe Day! As we promised last month that will close an open channel to the router, and leave only the encrypted — so they did. From now on, all requests to our router will take place exclusively via an encrypted channel!
What we originally wanted — "Create a Jabber client, who wanted to use themselves." When a client is created, it became clear that he is not comfortable, that is, it is convenient and it is more convenient to existing analogues, BUT! it can be improved.
Yesterday, many have noticed that the client did not work steadily and took off, or just do not connects. The reason for this was that we transferred data exchange XMPP — BOSH to a secure data channel SSL. Now all that you write — safely protected from intruders!
Due to the fact that some people use the browser Opera, the client has not been updated and used an older version (0.3.0) is not a secure channel will be open until April 12.
A little bit about what — Speakall.net. Speakall.net a chat (web messenger) for Facebook, Google Talk (Gmail), VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, QIP, Yandeks.Onlayn, livejournal ... shorter for all the chats that work on the protocol XMPP (jabber).

Speakall.net is easy to use multi-chat (instant messenger) for the browser Google Chrome (and its various pre-forked) and Opera. Stay in touch and keep in touch with friends, family and business contacts at any time. No need to put additional software on your computer, you need only a browser!

Speakall.net allows you to enter multiple accounts simultaneously, so you can easily separate the professional and private chats on a single page.

The recently published update to version 0.3.1 extension. What's new:

First recall that introduced version 0.3: connect multiple jabber accounts. It was established on the data point limit of 10 accounts, it's only on-time, while testing — fault tolerance server. Changed the logo and text can be issued as implemented in gtalk, auto-scrolling to the end of the message in the chat, enter a message by pressing enter (if in a shift — a new line in the message ... so now he finally began to understand the "new line") , fixed bugs with notification of new posts and the counter, added the ability to view the time of the comment and added to — the list is not active contacts, which by default is minimized in the list of contacts.

Secondly: the stability! Now the connection is kept many times better, and when the disconnection (without this anywhere yet), auto — reconnection.

Third, small pleasant things: emoticons, sound notification when a new message, the connection type small icons, added a couple of languages, etc.

Many people may think and even say — "that this is nonsense and self-evident, and this is a long time all jabber clients support." But, we want to remind you that this is the only XMPP client that is performed as an extension (not the application!) for browsers with support for multi-user account basis! And also — the project is still young and has yet to come!