Too sad that too many worthless pastors blind many people by perverting John 3:16 and give total rejection of God's warning in Psalm 5:5 delivered by His faithful servant King David. Even Prophet Nahum, warnings by Apostles Paul and Peter are now being placed on ignore table.

Genesis 19:1-29, Jude 1:7 . Parents, teach your kids on Sodom&Gomorrah right way. Teach them that God destroyed them due to gay sin indeed. Teach your kids to take aid at public schools of this doomed USA, so they be able to beat fag activists and their enablers who attempt to pervert the Bible by telling that God destroyed Sodom&Gomorrah due to inhospitality perverting verses in Ezekiel. This generation Y is doomed. Keep your kids as soldiers to survive fag lies.

Jesus did abolish Kosher Old Testament Laws that prohibit eating shall fish, pork, and specific meats. But Jesus never abolished moral Laws of Moses, when it comes with fags, dykes, adulterers, sluts, fornicators, and other immoral deeds that God hates and hates the proud sinners for.
Therefore, enjoy, ham, salo, shrimps, crabs, lobsters, etc. But being an adulterer, fag, dyke, murderer, drunk, eating feces, drinking alcohol, doing drugs, smoking, doing porn — dare not, or burn in Hell.

The word Богослов (Bogoslov) in Russian means a theologian of God. Here are perfect living examples who served The Lord in righteousness :

John Calvin — Богослов
John Banyan — Богослов
John Gill — Богослов
Jonathan Edwards — Богослов
Charles Spergion -Богослов
Fred Phelps Sr — Богослов

The meaning of the Babylonian whore in Revelation Chapter 18. The name Babylon was adopted by the prophets from the Ancient Babylonian Empire. This term doesn't apply at today's Babylon that is Iraq, the name Babylon is applied on all great empires on the world history including Rome, France, USSR, Germany, and nowadays doomed USA. The USA is indeed became as Babylon who once was humbled to her Creator and later on turned away from His Grace. Now America's time to die due to her hatred against God, bloody wars, sparking coups worldwide, abortion, fags, and more and more. The Book of Revelation 18 signals that America will collapse as rich superpower and the Empire of the last Antichrist will rise whose number is 666 in Revelation 13. This last Beast 666 will also become as Babylon in final battle Armaggedon. Then Christ begins His Reign.

Understanding definition were given in marriage
In Matthew 24:38 Lord Jesus foretells to His followers about the signs of the Last Days as He returns. The Lord said, " As it was in the days of Noah, when people ate, drank, GOT MARRIED, AND WERE GIVEN IN MARRIAGE, until Noah entered the arc, then flood came and destroyed them all. So the same will be at the coming of the Son of Man ". Does Lord Jesus condemns word MARRIAGE in general ? No. Not at all. Here Lord Jesus defines this term that He named got married and were given in mariage as the abuse of the institution of marriage that God made in the very beginning in Genesis 2:24 that is one man+one woman= one lifetime. The abuse of marriage ; to wit : got married and were given i marriage, Jesus refers to those who do adultery that is divorce and remarriage in Hebrew 13:4, Luke 16:18. Jesus condemns fornication of all kinds as it is. And the worse of all when it comes with acceptance of fag marriage and lands that give equality for GLBT as it was in old Sodom to this day doomed America. Romans 1:18-32.
Yes, we live in the Last Days where fags get wed, adultery reigns, free love is anyplace.

The Great Whore ; to wit : the Roman Catholic Church is the land where popes, bishops, monks, and simple priests love to have sex with all underage boys. Children in Catholic schools and churches are their great treats. Especially new Pope Francis finally opened doors for open fags at Vatican. Sodomites feces and semen replaced bread and wine. Hell is their home.

Real True Christian doesn't live double live by serving two masters God and sin. The Christian who trusts in Jesus, does God's Will, but lives in his or her sin and loves his or her practicing sin, this Christian is a hypocrite condemned to fires of Hell. God hates phony Christians.

That what people must to realize :

Abortion is not a woman's choice, for it is a murder of the first degree.
Pornography and nudity mustn't be allowed anywhere and any place.
Divorce+remarriage God doesn't accept, for it is a sin of adultery.
Homosexuality is not accepted as a secondary alternative lifestyle, for it is an abomination against God. Gay agenda is not a civil or human rights issue.
Fornication of all kinds God forbids. No premarital sex and living together are no acception by God.
No free will and no do what you want. No free love.