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opensource дыбр cura ultimaker я у мамки опенсорцер, письмо пришло:

We send you this message because of your valued contribution to Ultimaker, in this specific case to Cura. We really appreciate the way you help improve the 3D printing experience for all Ultimaker users around the globe. Each of them is grateful for this, and so are we. This synergy can only exist due to the license under which we have shared our work.
Quite some time ago, when we just started out we choose to share Cura under the AGPL license (Affero General Public License). Mostly because we just wanted to share our software with a copyleft license. Upon further, more recent investigation, we have decided we prefer to relicense our code to the LGPL (Lesser General Public License). Among other benefits, because an LGPL license would allow for more versatile dynamic linking and making it easier for others to use Cura. AGPL license has some restrictions in this regard.
Since you have contributed to Cura, we can only release our code under the LGPL license if you will do the same. Therefor we would like to ask you if you would follow us, and also share your contribution under the LGPL license.
If you agree with the change, please see the form attached. We would appreciate if you could print, sign, and send it back, so we can continue working together like we have always done.
Thank you very much, please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.
LOR Jolla sailfish читаю новости с запозданием, потому только сегодня добрался до новости на Хабре об очередном обновлении Sailfish.

Почитал, листаю RSS-ленту дальше, вижу новость о том же на LOR, дай думаю зайду и почитаю сотни комментариев «ненужно» и «закопать» — а их там таких внезапно раз-два и обчёлся.

Пруф: linux.org.ru

Jolla, это успех