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The Android verge *в мире людей
Kid is sneaking out.
Posted by needa <> on February 23, 2013 03:27 am

So my brother... has a sixteen year old little girl. he also has life 360 on there to keep track of her. but that hasnt stopped her from being smart enough to know that all she has to do is toggle the gps. the last time she sneaked out she didnt turn it off until she got down the street. that meant life 360 alerted him that she left the house. so now that she is busted and he knows she is leaving... what can he do to lock the gps toggle without her being able to circumvent.
its a bionic sittin on gingerbread.
its not rooted but it can be. what can be done?
i reckon she would need to be locked out of 'manage apps', settings, drop down toggles may need to go. letting her turn off gps and think it is off would be the best thing.