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quote Haskell I'm afraid that ship has sailed.  And as the Haskell ship steams towards new glorious horizons, I'm afraid sanity and restraint were left on the shore.
Augustsson, Lennart

Из продолжающегося обсуждения instance Foldable ((,) a)
quote Ту-95 вернулся из полёта. Командир корабля сдает машину группе обслуживания и записывает в журнал выявленный в полёте дефект — " Hеприятный шум в наушниках". Вскоре в том же журнале появляется запись специалиста по радиооборудованию — "Hедостаток устранен. Шум приятный".
quote physics At the 1962 Rochester conference in Geneva, the prediction that a particle later called the Omega minus should exist, already proposed in a paper by Glashow and Sakurai, was not considered important enough to be mentioned in any invited or contributed talk. It was mentioned in a comment from the floor by Gell-Mann. The paper proposing the existence of quarks was accepted by Physics Letters only because it had Gell-Mann's name on it. The editor said, "The paper looks crazy, but if I accept it and it is nonsense, everyone will blame Gell-Mann and not Physics Letters. If I reject it and it turns out to be right, I will be ridiculed."
Harry Lipkin, "Quark Models and Quark Phenomenology", in "The Rise of the Standard Model", Cambridge UP 1997

quote Higgs "Given that the search for the Higgs took some 45 years, tens of thousands of scientists and engineers, billions of dollars, not to mention numerous divorces, huge amounts of sleep deprivation, tens of thousands of bad airline meals, etc., etc., we want to be sure as is humanly possible that this is real."

Harrison Prosper, Kirby W. Kemper Professor of Physics, Florida State University
политика quote "Немалую важность имеет для государя выбор советников, а каковы они будут, хороши или плохи,-- зависит от благоразумия государей. Об уме правителя первым делом судят по тому, каких людей он к себе приближает; если это люди преданные н способные, то можно всегда быть уверенным в его мудрости, ибо он умел распознать их способности и удержать их преданность. Если же они не таковы, то и о государе заключат соответственно, ибо первую оплошность он уже совершил, выбрав плохих помощников."
Haskell вброс haskell-café Учитесь:

I like to apply for the quote of the week. :-)
"If Haskell is great because of its laziness,
then Python must be even greater,
since it is lazy at the type level."

Dynamically typed languages only check types if they have to,
that is if expressions are actually computed. Does this prove
that laziness at type level as in Python is a great thing or does
this prove that laziness at the value level as in Haskell is a
bad thing or does this prove nothing?

Hope for controversial discussion ...
Henning Thielemann