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I would like to share a feature request that was made for Thunderbird: since it already support email and newsgroup (NNTP) messages, why not support XMPP messages as well? XMPP includes "normal" messages (email-like), which could be presented exactly in the same way emails and newsgroup messages are. In addition, there could be a nice integration to be done for starting a new chat with the sender of a message if they're online. In addition to what the bug report suggests, I think the address book could be used as an interface to the roster. I'm curious about other interfaces in Jabber clients than the eternal ICQ/Gajim/Psi/MSN/Pidgin-like interface... bugzilla.mozilla.org

When you think of it, since it's possible to associate several groups to a contact in the roster (for example Gajim has an interface for it), the so-called "groups" should rather be seen as "tags". You tag your contacts e.g. as "friend", "co-worker" (can be both – that's the point), etc. I wonder how nice it would be if the clients used such a paradigm for managing contacts instead of the old-fashioned, section-based groups presentation.