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Freebase Gridworks не смог сожрать 190МБ моих данных, честно выдал сообщение о недостатке памяти и даже совсем не упал, а продолжил работу, отменив загрузку файла. Респект.


49 Hot New Open Source Applications
"What's new in the open source world? We've put together a list of software that was first released (or first made open source) in the last couple of years. While many of these apps are still early in the development process, they're all usable, and in fact, have all acquired fairly substantial user bases in a short time. What do they have in common? While the apps on our list cover a gamut of categories, we did uncover a few trends. First, a number of the most successful new open source projects relate to mobility. Several can be used on a USB thumb drive (Appetizer, WinPenPack, UNetbootin), and several others were specifically developed for netbooks (Easy Peasy, eeebuntu, Moblin). Other applications make it easier to use mobile devices like iPods (SyncDocs, MP4 Creator, Streamy). Second, quite a few of the applications on the list appeal primarily to enterprise users. For example, Turnkey Linux offers open source virtual appliances that are primarily of interest to large organizations. And ProcessMaker, AJAX Chat, and LogicalDOC, also focus on the enterprise market. Third, multimedia continues to be a hot topic. Songbird, cPlay, Kaltura, Elltube, and others aim to help users do more with their audio and video files. Finally – and we're not sure if this is significant or not – we found two applications designed to make users smarter: gBrainy and Brain Workshop. Could it be that the open source community is getting older and worrying about short-term memory loss (gasp!)? "