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crosskylix.untergrund.net CrossKylix — Kylix Crosscompiler for Delphi/Windows

Я уже пришёл к выводу, что проще Windows эмулировать на остальных OS, чем Linux на остальных OS, но всё равно неплохо:
Of course CrossKylix isn't a real cross compiler. The only ones able to build a real cross compiler would be Borland themselves. Instead the official Kylix command line compiler is used in an emulated Linux environment. To do that, CrossKylix implements a loader for the Linux ELF binary file format. Once dcc is loaded into memory, it is executed in a debugger-like way, translating all Linux syscalls to native Win32 functions. To achieve this it wasn't needed to write a "real" Linux emulator, it was enough to emulate the memory functions and Linux syscalls needed by dcc and the shared objects it loads.
Prior versions of CrossKylix used to be based on the LINE project, which emulates Linux syscalls through the Cygwin Linux emulation layer. As Cygwin is a buggy beast, this caused quite a lot of frustration on my side, and gave CrossKylix several limitations. By rewriting the emulation engine in native Win32 code, LINE and cygwin and with them all those problems are now history.