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Нашёл шикарный набор тайлов, Chess. Прямоугольный, но в отличие от trident крупный. Можно спокойно включать всю информацию по городам и не бояться, что незаметно набегут.

"In this paper, we describe how the integration of analogy, experimentation, and a qualitative model of city management can support planning and learning in the game of Freeciv [Freeciv, 2006]. In the rest of this section, we outline the context of this work, providing a brief synopsis of the Freeciv domain, our HTN planner, and analogical reasoning and experimentation. Next we describe how we are using a qualitative model of city economics to support credit assignment and avoid local maxima. We describe some experiments that demonstrate the ability to transfer and adapt prior training on different cities, and we close by discussing related work and future plans."