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"[watching the Little Mermaid]
Daughter: why didn’t Ariel just write Prince Eric a note?
Me: maybe she didn’t know how to write.
Daughter: but she signed her name on Ursula’s contract.
Me: [frantically flipping through parenting book]."
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"Halle Bailey has been cast as accomplished swimmer/princess Ariel in Disney’s upcoming live-action tentpole remake of The Little Mermaid, which is slated to begin production in 2020.
The 19-year-old singer and actress, who stars on Freeform’s grown-ish, is best known as one half (guess which one) of Chloe x Halle, the R&B duo act she shares with her younger sister Chloe. The pair are also frequently referred to in the music sphere as “Beyoncé’s proteges,” having caught Beyoncé’s attention — and a record deal — after their YouTube cover of “Pretty Hurts” went viral in 2013; they’ve since opened for Bey and Jay-Z’s On The Road II tour."