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USA прекрасное мж lgbt "Хорошо lockdown лесбиянка ничем не отличается от обычной женщины." slate.com
"Coronavirus Diaries: I’m a Lesbian. But Since the Lockdown, I’ve Been Sleeping With My Male Roommate.
The loneliness of isolation has meant that identity is less important than intimacy."
USA прекрасное мж Очередная победа феминизма: youtube.com
"A growing number of school administrators want to silence women and girls who dare speak out about the ways transgender policies are harming them—but these brave young women refuse to be bullied or made to believe their concerns are hateful.
They don’t hate anyone. These girls were among the best high school athletes in their region—excited to earn scholarships and opportunities by working hard to perfect their talents on the track. All of that changed suddenly when they were forced to compete against transgender athletes."
USA прекрасное lgbt Очередная победа феминизма: dailysignal.com
"A biologically male marathon runner who identifies as a transgender woman is set to compete in the USA Olympic trials later in February.
Megan Youngren “is set to make history on Feb. 29 as the first openly transgender athlete to compete at the U.S. Olympic marathon trials,” Sports Illustrated reported. Youngren qualified for the trials after a strong performance on Dec. 8, 2019, in the California International Marathon.
“People will try to put it down by saying, ‘That’s too easy because you’re trans.’ But what about the 500 other women who will qualify?” Youngren told the magazine. “There’s probably someone with the exact same story.”
“I trained hard. I got lucky. I dodged injuries,” Youngren added. “I raced a lot, and it worked out for me. That’s the story for a lot of other people, too.”"
говнорашка USA Беларусь прекрасное Только Американская Оккупация спасёт Беларусь от российской! belta.by
"Лукашенко: США могли бы способствовать урегулированию конфликта в Украине
17 сентября, Минск Владимир Матвеев — БЕЛТА. США могли бы способствовать урегулированию конфликта в Украине. Об этом Президент Беларуси Александр Лукашенко заявил сегодня в Минске на встрече с заместителем государственного секретаря США по политическим вопросам Дэвидом Хэйлом, передает корреспондент БЕЛТА.
"США могли бы способствовать урегулированию этого конфликта", — подчеркнул глава государства.
"Что касается проблем Европы, и особенно Восточной Европы, в частности Украины, я абсолютно убежден на сегодняшний день, что без участия США этот конфликт урегулировать не получится", — отметил Александр Лукашенко."
belta.by "США и Беларусь приняли решение о восстановлении диппредставительства на уровне послов
"Я хотел бы передать привет от госсекретаря, который попросил меня приехать, чтобы присутствовать на важном историческом моменте наших двусторонних отношений. После нашей встречи мы сделаем объявление, что будем обмениваться послами по истечении такого количества лет без послов", — сказал Дэвид Хэйл.
"Мы согласны с вами, что то положение вещей неестественно, ненормально. И мы рады, что эта глава оканчивается. Мы закрываем эту главу по причине тех шагов, которые ваша страна и вы лично сделали. Также отмечаем то видение, которые вы приняли на вооружение — большего разнообразия как во внутренних делах, так и в отношениях с внешним миром. Мы очень сильно поддерживаем это видение и сделаем все возможное, чтобы помочь вам на этом пути", — подчеркнул заместитель госсекретаря США."
USA прекрасное сталирасты Сначала МакКарти расстреливает коммунистов меньше, чем Сталин людей, а потом творится такая хуйня: wsj.com
"California’s Education Department has issued an “Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum” and is soliciting public comments on it until Aug. 15. The legislatively mandated guide is a resource for teachers who want to instruct their students in the field of “ethnic studies,” and was written by an advisory board of teachers, academics and bureaucrats. It’s as bad as you imagine.
Ethnic studies is described in the document as “the interdisciplinary study of race, ethnicity, and indigeneity with an emphasis on experiences of people of color in the United States.” But that’s not all it is. “It is the study of intersectional and ancestral roots, coloniality, hegemony, and a dignified world where many worlds fit, for present and future generations.” It is the “xdisciplinary [sic], loving, and critical praxis of holistic humanity.”
The document is filled with fashionable academic jargon like “positionalities,” “hybridities,” “nepantlas” and “misogynoir.” It includes faddish social-science lingo like “cis-heteropatriarchy” that may make sense to radical university professors and activists but doesn’t mean much to the regular folks who send their children to California’s public schools. It is difficult to comprehend the depth and breadth of the ideological bias and misrepresentations without reading the whole curriculum—something few will want to do.
Begin with economics. Capitalism is described as a “form of power and oppression,” alongside “patriarchy,” “racism,” “white supremacy” and “ableism.” Capitalism and capitalists appear as villains several times in the document. "
USA прекрасное сталирасты А ещё он вчера уволился из Демократов: thegatewaypundit.com
"Leftists Change Shooter Patrick Crusius’s MyLife Page after Saturday Shooting from Democrat to Republican — Page Created After Shooting!
Jim Hoft by Jim Hoft August 3, 2019 441 Comments
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The Walmart – Cielo Vista Mall shooter in El Paso, Texas was identified this afternoon as Patrick Crusius from a Allen, Texas outside of Dallas.
Washington Examiner reporter Anna Giaritelli posted the name and a photos of the alleged shooter, sourced to law enforcement, “A law enforcement official in El Paso told me the Walmart shooter is in custody. Patrick Crusius of Dallas. Just turned 21 years old this week.”
Patrick Crusius has a profile on MyLife.com.
MyLife is an American information brokerage founded in 2002 as Reunion.com. MyLife gathers personal information through public records and other sources to automatically generate a “MyLife Public Page” for each person, described by MyLife as a “complete Wikipedia-like biography on every American.”
At 2:46 PM today MyLife had this profile for the deranged killer Patrick Crusius.
His original profile at 2:46 said he was a registered Democrat.
At 2:50 PM leftists changed his political affiliation from Democrat to Republican."
USA прекрасное сталирасты Ничего нового, опять левака-террориста выдают за правого: sebgorka.com
"Of course, the manifesto bleeds with outright racist language as he describes a “Hispanic invasion of Texas,” and a “cultural and ethnic replacement brought on by an invasion.” However, within the text, the shooter makes several comments that reveal his true political identity.
First, the shooter expresses his disdain for both major parties; he decries the Democrats’ open-borders policies while also declaring that “the Republican Party is also terrible,” since the GOP, he says, is “pro-corporation,” and “pro-corporation = pro-immigration.”
The section of his manifesto entitled “Economic Reasons” is by far the most shocking part, in terms of directly contradicting the media spin that this shooter was somehow far-right. He explicitly expresses his support for “a basic universal income,” which he says is the only thing that can “prevent widespread poverty and civil unrest.” He then goes on to support “ambitious social projects like universal healthcare.” Later, he claims that the American lifestyle “is destroying the environment of our country,” and that “the decimation of the environment is creating a massive burden for future generations.”
So clearly this killer supports some of the most openly socialist policies in American political discourse today, including universal income, socialized medicine, and a belief in “global warming.” Yet, according to the media, he is somehow just another “far-right” shooter who has been motivated by President Trump.
Most interestingly, the shooter does mention President Trump…but not in the way the Democrats would hope. Towards the end of his “manifesto,” this Leftist murderer m admits that his “ideology has not changed for several years,” and that his “opinions on automation, immigration, and the rest predate Trump and his campaign for president.”
In the most direct refutation of the inevitable media spin, he even admits that “I’m putting this here because some people will blame the President or certain presidential candidates for the attack. This is not the case. I know that the media will probably call me a white supremacist anyway and blame Trump’s rhetoric.” In a macabre self-fulfilling prophecy, he then states “The media is infamous for fake news. Their reaction to this attack will likely just confirm that.”"
USA прекрасное мж Очередная победа феминизма: thecollegefix.com
"University investigates feminist grad student for saying men can’t become women
What are the odds a feminist graduate student could be under siege for feminist rhetoric on a California campus?
Under an intersectional framework and evolving definition of “woman,” much higher than you might expect.
University of California-Santa Barbara doctoral students, alumni and “allies” are demanding the administration take action against Laura Tanner, an outspoken critic of transgender ideology and doctoral candidate in its Department of Feminist Studies.
Tanner’s Twitter feed is dominated by discussion of transgender ideology’s threat to women, including young lesbians. She believes that transgender women – biological males – are wrongly appropriating a female identity.
Her header image bluntly declares: “A woman is someone with a female body and any personality … not a ‘female personality’ and any body. Any other definition is sexism.” School newspaper The Daily Nexus reprinted several of her tweets that it considered “transphobic.”"
говнорашка USA прекрасное ngzt.ru
"В Дегтярске накануне, 13 июля, полиция задержала за несанкционированный митинг 75-летнего писателя Петра Ивановича Кикилыка. Вместе с другими городскими активистами он повесить на здании бывшего рудоуправления мемориальную доску в честь 37-го президента США Ричарда Никсона, который дважды бывал в Дегтярске, сообщает "КП-Екатеринбург".
Никсон провел в Дегтярске вместе с родителями лето, которые прибыли на Урал как представители компании "Лена Голдфилдс", заинтересованной в Дегтярском медном руднике. По словам сторожилов, маленький Ричи с удовольсвием играл в футболс местными ребятами. Будучи президентом США, во время визита в СССР, он также посетил Дегтярск.
Об этих событиях знают немногие, поэтому активисты решили установить памятную табличку. По их мнению, это бы могло развить туризм в маленьком шахтерском городке, который не отличается обилием достопримечательностей. Но мэрия не одобрила, заявив, что в предполагаемый день установки мемориала в городе будет проводиться празднование 65-летия города.
Полагая, что мероприятие не имеет ничего общего с митингом, активисты все же не отказались от своих планов. В субботу, 13 июля, они собрались возле здания бывшего рудоуправления на улице Калинина, 31а. Однако там их уже поджидало два полицейских автобуса. Петра Кикилыка тут же задержали, еще до заявленного времени."