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"Producing blu-ray discs (BD) means you have to make a master that survives the strictest (into the extreme) tests with Sony software in a reproduction factory.
No way you can do this with free/open source software. So we tried it with Adobe Encore first – it gives a good working bluray video disc – but to our dismay we found that it’s made in a way Sony doesn’t allow mass duplication. For copying BD in factories, you have to use their own (extreme expensive) authoring sw.
We then hired a mastering studio to redo this. They now already ran in issues too;
– having a dual layer (50 GB) disc that’s 20% HD video, and 80% BD-ROM is very non standard, sw warnings all over. This now seems to be in a working order though.
– films encoded or muxed with Adobe encore also fail to be accepted. They need the original ones encoded by us (Ffmpg).
Lesson learned – don’t attempt to make a quick ‘n dirty low cost BD ever. It’s just a ridiculously expensive and tedious medium – and actually the worst medium for sharing data.
Anyway, we don’t give up. It still has a certain coolness to get a BD of your own film :) I keep you informed. Currently the mastering company thinks they can get this ready for the factory end of this week. Duplication then can start – but I have no info what the delays mean for the final delivery. Feasible is to expect to ship around 5th of October…
I keep you informed,